About The Matrix™

The Matrix™ was developed and designed by Erenora Puketapu-Hetet and Veranoa Hetet, in the 1990s after decades of teaching many hundreds of students throughout Aotearoa NZ. 

The Matrix™ consists of a specific series of lessons taught in a very special way that our whanau use to successfully guide student weavers on a journey of self discovery and mastery through the traditional Māori weaving techniques, from Raranga beginner to advanced Kākahu weaver.

Following The Matrix results in:

  1. Weavers who are equipped with the values, skills and understanding to weave the range of traditional techniques and to adapt them so they can weave almost any item they imagine
  2. Weavers who are confident, capable, highly skilled and creative
  3. A phenomenon that we call the Miyagi effect whereby the student experiences unique 'Aha' moments and gains skills and insights and that can be applied later in their weaving journey.

For best results weavers should follow The Matrix™ in sequence, and attempt to weave at least 3-5 of each item.